School for Eventual Vacancy

The School for Eventual Vacancy, led by Justin Langlois and supported by an attendant group, is an ongoing exploration of education as creative practice and political subjectivity. During the month of May, I proposed and led a course titled Intramural, which explored various possibilities for the delimitations of "out of bounds". Intramurals are activities that operate inside or within (intra) the walls (mural).  Consequently, you do not play with other institutions. This seemed aptly inline with the notion that The School for Eventual Vacancy positioned itself as an art school with no interest in the current models of art schools. 

In the early classes, we discussed "bounds" in the sense of the relationship between the public and private, the quasi-public but ultimately private in-between, and strategies of jurisdiction. How do these areas overlap? What if the aim of the league were to press on or push jurisdictional boundaries through by-law infractions? Whomsoever obtains the most contestable by-law infractions wins! 

Eventually, we determined the first League games would take place on the Cambie Street Grounds / Larwill Park, home to Vancouver's first sporting event, and one of the main demonstration sites for the unemployed. The area is now a private parking lot and heavily foot-trafficked shortcut through the downtown core. There, we knocked over empty beer cans with a lemon, boxed, and skipped rope. 

Cambie Street Grounds / Larwill Park, pedestrians shortcutting through the private parking lot.

The second iteration of the Intramural League kept close affiliations with delinquency. The game involved launching spitballs from a balcony, aimed to hit one of the principle letters of the school. Whomsoever made it closest to a letter won the round.

Intramural, 2015, spitball targets and marking flags. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved.