Hyphenated Sites

Hyphenated Sites is a short-term artist-run space housed in a shipping container. Over the course of one month, four artists will transform its interior through a rotating series of solo exhibitions. The presentation of works by Caitlin Chaisson, Lily Mead Martin, Joseph O’Brien and Lianne Zannier is the result of a shared collective effort, whereby overlapping interests are corrugated into a generative exhibition strategy. Hyphenated Sites seeks to encourage the production of new spatial attitudes and alternative forms of exchange. The artists make use of this space in order to challenge established exhibition and institutional practices, whilst questioning the role of the container as both a tenant of industry and a prop of the art world. Framed by these associations, the artworks address themes that range from maritime legacies, to the role of the container in a climate of neoliberal politics, urbanization, and social tendencies, to contemplations on the direct experiences of bodies in space. The container presents a unique dialogical opportunity, where the relationships between the presented works and the contained site unfold reciprocally.

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