Sun Light, Form Dull (2018)

Sun Light, Form Dull is an ongoing investigation into the relationship between drawing and the built environment. This work is featured as a Research Project in Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice Vol. 3, No. 2, published by Intellect Ltd.


Chaisson, Caitlin. “Could the Picture Steel Words.” Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, vol. 3, no. 2 (2018): (249-262).

Abstract: This paper reflects on a practice-led project that examines the relationship between drawing, writing and environmental concerns. This paper, and the artworks discussed wherein, is an encompassing interpretive gesture that tries to make sense of the possibilities that manual work, grassroots sustainability, unconventional architecture and drawing can support in the context of significant anthropogenic global warming. Using a case study of a specific countercultural building manual, the efficacies of paper, drawing and the written word are explored in spatial terms. Specifically, the role of the vernacular is examined in both the realms of architecture and language as key to understanding new possibilities for the production of social space. How can practices of land use be understood through vernacular architectures and environmental grammars? And when does drawing make contact with the physical realm of the world?